08 May 2011

Nappies, nursery and normal...

So I've had a bad cold for the last 3 days.  I feel like garbage.  It's so not fair.  Why can't they come up with something which pregnant women can take for a cold while they're pregnant?  It's seriously annoying.  There must be something.  What a way to spend a weekend.

We've decided on a name for the baby.  No, you don't get to find out yet, you'll have to wait a few months, but I will say I am completely in love with it.  I can't wait to have a baby with that name.

I've been snapping up cloth nappies which I've found for sale at really cheap prices online.  I'm only buying the first size just in case they're not for us.  I really hope they are though because they're so damn cute.  And they're cheaper than disposables.  I got 20 nappies and 4 wraps for just over £60.  They'll last us until Peanut is about 4-5 months.  I think by then we'll know how we like them.

So the nursery is coming along nicely.  All I need are some baskets, a cotbed mattress, bedding and the cute space invader wall decals I found on ebay and it'll be complete.  Well, except for the baby.

I've still got 3 months left before he completes the ensemble.  This part has been going really slowly, but at the same time zooming past.  It's a bit odd, knowing I'm going to be a mother in just a few weeks.  I know I should savor the freedom now, but I'm not.  At least I don't feel like I am.  Maybe savoring my finite freedom is just doing what I normally do.

I don't feel any different.  Shouldn't I?  I should feel like a glowing,  bumpy mother-to-be.  But I just feel like me.  Maybe being a mother will feel that way.  Normal.

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