06 March 2011


So I found a blog yesterday on which I spent hours looking through every single post.  It was completely worth it.

Homework has a massive amount of beautiful, creative, easy and inexpensive home projects.  I have fallen in love with every single thing created on this blog.  I've already purchased several fat quarters of new and vintage fabric, a pack of Laura Ashley vintage design cardstock, a giant pack of vintage buttons, jute fabric and a glue gun!

That was all yesterday and today I'd planned to get moving on several projects which had been inspired by homework.  Unfortunately, our start was a bit late today and by the time we got back home with soil and a seed propagator for some flowers and bulbs we planted in the garden, I only had time to make a dozen paper flowers, glue them to sticks and arrange them in a lovely cream Nigella Lawson teapot which Steve and I got for our wedding but have only used once.  I've still got 4 more to make and glue onto another stick so no photos yet, but I'll hopefully finish it tomorrow.

On Saturday I'm going to a discount home store in town to pick up some throw pillow forms so I can get started on making the pillows I've got in mind.  I still have yet to buy a few other things which I have in mind.  I think I'll wait until I finish the stuff I'm working on at the moment.  As Steve pointed out, I tend to get very excited about something and drop it partway through with a bunch of unfinished projects.  I'm just hoping I'm nesting so I don't give it all up!

That said, I'm so excited about my projects.  All of the decorating in the house is neutral and boring.  I can wait to inject some color into everything!

I highly recommend taking a look at this blog, especially if you love doing crafty stuff or just want some inspiration.

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