21 March 2011

Goings On...

Lately, I've been going nuts with craft/homemade ideas for the house.  I made a throw pillow case by patching together matching fabrics at jaunty angles.  (You can sort of see it in the photo.  It was a bit dark and I took it with my iPhone.) I made a bunch of paper flowers out of Laura Ashley card stock and put them into a cream teapot which we never use (the dog ate the flowers after a few days though). And I've come up with umpteen different things I want to do around the house from making a slipcover for our corner sofa to whitewashing our bedroom furniture to making storage baskets.

I told you I've gone crazy.  Is this what nesting feels like?

Basically, when we moved into this house, I didn't care much about the decor.  I mean I did a little bit but I didn't anticipate staying in the UK long enough to justify spending the money on anything.  Now I'm a bit worried that I'm not going to want to part with it, but I figure if I have a baby coming, I'd like to have a real home ready for them rather than have the house look like we've just moved in.

I've taken the week off work just because.  I'm not completely separated from work because I'm still doing a little bit of it from home, but that's how I like it.  I'd rather not be separated.  Luckily this week, I'm able to do lots of research and start planning all my projects.  I may even start a couple.  I also plan to spend some time at local charity shops to see if I can find some cheap furniture to play with.

So here is a list of my planned projects, the ones I can think of at the moment:
-Whitewash bedroom furniture (not real whitewash; it'll be an emulsion/water mixture)
-Sand dining room table and chairs so I can whitewash them as well
-Make slip cover for couch (this is going to be a big one!  I'm still not sure if I can handle it)
-Make curtains and bedding for nursery
-Make raised planter for flowers
-Cover bedroom wall hangings with new fabric matching new bedding
-Find a sideboard and a bookcase at charity shop to tidy up for living room and dining room.
-Cover cork board in jute fabric to hang in kitchen
-Make tacks with vintage buttons and glass pebbles
-Make fabric baskets for shelving and nursery storage

I think there are more, smaller projects but I just can't think of them at the moment.

In baby news, we have our 20 week scan on Thursday and I've decided I want to know the sex.  Steve is happy because he's always wanted to know.  So I'll post an update when we find out.

I've also been feeling really really good lately.  Some days I don't even feel pregnant, until I look down and see my bump or have to pee every 10 minutes.  I'm only 19 weeks though so we'll see how I feel a month or two from now.  I'd better get all my projects done before then or it'll never happen!

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