21 February 2011

Baby, come back...

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  I've just been completely knackered after work and not wanting to do a thing on the weekends.  I feel like a bum.  Except for the prenatal workout DVD I got (which is amazing), I just kind of hang out in the evenings.

So just a quick one, I have "discovered" ebay.  I've purchased a few things on there before, but they were always "buy it now."  I never wanted to bid in the auctions.  I think I was a bit nervous about it.  Anyway, I needed maternity clothes and thought I'd look on ebay.  I don't need brand new ones as long as they fit and are in good shape and they cost a fortune over here.  !!!!!!! There are loads of really cute bundles of maternity clothes separated by size.  I went crazy bidding and then realized that I don't want to win everything.  Luckily, I ended up with 1 bundle and 1 pair of jeans, both for 99p (plus shipping of course).

Such a steal.  I can't wait to get my new clothes!!

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