28 November 2010

The Holidays...

So it's that time of year again.  The Holiday Season.  Beloved and dreaded by people around the world.

I myself have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.  I used to just love it, but then I moved to England.

Part of me hates this time of year.  I miss my friends and family back home with all my heart.  This year I even have a new niece over there whom I won't get to see have her first Christmas (though I also have a new one here so I'll at least get to see hers!).  I miss a proper Thanksgiving celebration. I hate how cold it is here.  Every year it just gets worse!  It's already snowed and it isn't even December yet!  I miss going to the beach on New Years.  I miss longer hours of daylight.  I even miss Black Friday shopping!

I still love this time of year because of the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives you.  I love shopping for the perfect gift for people and holiday baking.  I love that I've been able to introduce Thanksgiving traditions to lots of people (like pumpkin pie!).  I like the cold sometimes because it actually feels like Winter and it makes curling up on the couch with Steve under a fuzzy blanket with a mug of hot chocolate all the more appealing.  I love that I've been introduced to new holiday traditions and food like Christmas crackers and mince pies.  I love Christmas with my in-laws.

This year is a bit more stressful than usual because Steve and I are saving up for my visa which I've got to apply for before Feb 8th.  It's HARD to save up when you have Christmas gifts to buy, especially when you have to save up £840.  And that doesn't include the cost of taking the Life in the UK test, shipping the application, visa photos, etc.  Blah.

I'm trying to stay positive.  Not letting the REALLY cold weather get to me.  All that goodness.  Friday night I celebrated Thanksgiving with a Dips, Dessert and Drinks night with a bunch of good friends.  The food was fan-freaking-tastic too!  I know it's not a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but I did have a form of pumpkin pie, which I made from an actual pumpkin and not a can, thankyouverymuch!  It did actually feel like a Thanksgiving gathering and it even snowed!

Anyway, I hope all of you back home had a great Thanksgiving!  Next stop: Christmas!!

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