25 April 2010

I *heart* Butternut Squash...

So last week I went on a massive butternut squash kick. I have no idea why. I think it's because I suddenly remembered that I once had these amazing butternut squash enchiladas and I wanted to make some and then while looking for recipes I came across another really fantastic recipe with butternut squash so I made that too and during the entire process, I rediscovered how much I absolutely love it and how incredibly versatile it is and how many different things you can use it for. I also discovered that my dog goes nuts for it! She really, really likes it! Which is a little strange. Ok, a lot strange.

So the first thing I made was a butternut squash, spinach and feta quiche, adapted from this recipe. Let me tell you, it was sooooo good! And it looked stunning. I know it's kind of weird, but I think food tastes better when it looks good. Seriously, would tiramisu or a nice fat burger taste as yummy if it came in the form of sludge, like oatmeal? [An aside on oatmeal: I think it smells amazing, but I just cannot eat it, because it looks so gross!!]

Anyway, this was super tasty and I got to eat it again for lunch at work the next day because I had way extra so I was happy =]

Seeing as how the original reason for the butternut squash was to make enchiladas, Steve and I invited our good friends over to have them last Sunday.  One is a vegetarian and the other is from California so they both appreciated the vegetarian, Mexican food.  Plus, it was sunny and hot and we had beer so we got to spend all day in the sun.  It was lovely.

Ok, back to the food.  The enchiladas were fantastic.  Better than I could imagine.  Next time I make them though, I'll use more squash and stuff the tortillas more.  I used a combo of a few different recipes.  I probably should have written down what I put in them because I can't really remember, except that it included cream cheese and fried onions and garlic.  Crap.  I really should have written it down because I'd like to make these again.  The only problem is that the only enchilada sauce I could find here looked like ketchup.  It tasted ok though.  Not as good as the stuff back home, but I didn't really have a choice.  Here you can see Steve's sock money enjoying his own plate of enchiladas, and yes, he has a penis.

One thing I've really been missing here is canned pumpkin.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, canned pumpkin is used to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and lots of other yummy treats.  I know it seems a bit strange, but these are super tasty.  They're sweet, not savory.  Anyway, it's near impossible to find canned pumpkin here without having to order it online from one of those overpriced American food shops which charge ludicrous prices for food and shipping.  I've heard rumors of cans of pumpkin lurking at Waitrose, but I've yet to see them.  Anyway, butternut squash tastes very similar to pumpkin and is much easier to come by so I'm toying with the idea of trying to make pumpkin bread but with butternut squash.  We'll see.  I'll let you know.  I might be lazy and just give up though.

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