31 October 2009

Well, Hello There...

Hi guys!! I know it's been a while since I've written and I apologize for that. As you know I've been working in Bristol so the weeks have been quite busy. That's not to say they've been bad as I still absolutely love my job. Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on a couple things.

First, I finally got word about my laparoscopy and it's scheduled for this Wednesday! Eek! I had my pre-op appointment last week where they told me al the dos and don'ts like making sure I have someone to stay with me for 24 hours after and taking all my nail polish off my fingers and toes (why, I have no idea - they're not going anywhere near my hands or feet and what difference would nail polish even make?! If you know the answer please tell me because I'm very curious). I was also told that even though I'm not supposed to wear jewelry I'm ok with the implants on the back of my neck, they'll take over them to protect them (another curious thing - why does something on the back of my neck need protecting?) Anyway, I'm glad that it's being taken care of finally so I'll know what the heck is going on with me. I'm NOT glad that I have to take 2 days off work. It makes me very nervous as I'm usually quite busy at work and things are always popping up that I need to take care of so I'm not looking forward to what Friday is going to look like. I'm just hoping that no one will try and take care of something in my absence and mess anything up. The thought terrifies me.

Secondly, I am sooooo excited about Thanksgiving!!!! I've invited several people from work and Maddie will be there and Steve's invited his brother and Lana. So we'll have a really good younger crowd and enough people for me to justify doing an entire turkey! I'm very very very much looking forward to it. So I've figured out my menu and I feel like I'm leaving something out so I'm going to write it all out here and I'll need your help to let me know if I'm missing anything ok? So here it is:

Tzatziki & hummus with flatbread (I know, not very Thanksgiving-ish, but it's tasty and I'm serving it anyway)

Main meal:
Wilted spinach with garlic, pine nuts and olive oil
Pasta salad
Green bean casserole
Candied yams (unfortunately these will have to be canned because I can't get fresh yams here =[ )
Mashed potatoes
Roast turkey
gravy on the side of course

Baked cheesecake
Pumpkin pie

Am I missing anything? What's your favorite Turkey Day dish?

18 October 2009


Ok, so it has literally been a month since I've last posted. I am so sorry you guys!! I blame work. I get up at 5am, am gone from the house for 12 hours, go to bed around 9:30 and then start all over again the next day. On the weekends, Maddie comes down and I don't really have a spare moment to say hello to everyone. So HELLO!!

Anyway, it's right in the middle of Autumn again and I'm getting kind of irritated that it's so effing cold suddenly! Like beginning-of-December cold. Not Mid-October cold. Hopefully this means that all of the horrible slugs that throw their bodies out under my feet on my walk to work will die sooner. Seriously, they're like little suicide bombers. They even pop when you step on them. Blech. There was one in my garden Friday night and I put some slug killer out for it and found it the next day dead but in the middle of the path! And I stepped on it! Even in death the little bitches like to get under your feet! So. Freaking. Gross.

Well, I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. I'm off now to get ready for Steve to come over for the day =] Have a wonderful Sunday all. Enjoy!