17 September 2009

I know you missed me...

Sorry guys, I know it's been a while since I've updated. Well, not that long I guess. It just feels like a long time. I've decided not to spend all night at the computer because I spend all day on the computer so I'll be brief but I wanted to just put a shorty out here.

First, the job is going wonderfully. I'm enjoying myself a lot with my work already and I haven't even fully stretched my wings yet. I'm really looking forward to when I'll be able to live out my full job description, whenever that will be. The atmosphere in my team is fantastic and I don't think an hour goes by when I don't have a good laugh about something with them. But really, we do get work done.

Another thing I love about the job is that it's right in the middle of Bristol city centre. I haven't spent a whole lot of time in Bristol, but when I have, I really love it and working there just reaffirms that I love that place. Everything is happening around you and everyone knows where they're going and you're surrounded by young, successful people rather than children pushing a stroller in one hand and a cigarette in the other, spitting on the ground saying everything is "lush." Ugh.

So it's mid-September now. September marks the beginning of my favorite trimester of the year. Obviously I like it because my birthday is in it (the 13th), but it's also when the leaves start to turn and the weather starts to get crisp. I LOVE Autumn. I love tromping on the leaves in the gutter (there are way more crunchy leaves here than there were back home!), I love the crisp, electric feel of the air. I love the build up to the holidays. October is just ok, but then we have November. Even though I'm in the UK, I did a Thanksgiving meal last year and I do plan on doing a small one this year, it'll be on the Saturday after though. Then the Christmas tree gets put up and there's Christmas shopping and Christmas music and the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with everything having to do with Christmas (I started getting it over a month ago!). Even though I absolutely love the sun and heat and being warm and absolutely hate the cold and rain and bad weather, I cannot help but favor Autumn over any time of year for the reasons mentioned above. There's really nothing that beats it! And, if you really need warm weather, just head to the Med!

Speaking of heading to warmer weather, my cruise is in a couple weeks!! Yipee!!!

Ok, time to get off my bum and do something now. =]

02 September 2009

He bit me!

Chaz bit me tonight! Hard! He's never bit me before. In fact, he's only ever bit Steve once, because his fingers smelled like food and it was a tiny little nip, but this time he bit me hard enough to break the skin and make me bleed a little.

I'd just finished bathing him and had him on my lap while I was at the computer. He seemed kind of tense and was sniffing around like mad and he just chomped down on my hand! Right on the web between my thumb and index finger too! Ouch! Well, I put him on the desk so I could inspect my hand without him falling off my lap and I noticed he was dribbling a bit so I put him back in his cage and he went right to his litter box to wee! (Yes, he's litter trained.) So I think that he might have been trying to get my attention because he had to use the bathroom. I'm hoping so anyway. If this biting thing becomes a habit, I'm going to be pretty mad. I had just bathed him so my hands didn't smell like food or anything.

Oh well, I know hedgehogs get moody sometimes the same way people do. Maybe he's just having an off day.

Anyway, I'm off everyone, to nurse my wound. Ciao all.