01 August 2009

English Sushi

Steve and I went out on a date last night. It was our first date in forever. Probably the first one we've had in over a year and a half. Very much overdue. We chose this ridiculously expensive Japanese restaurant because it's also been way too long since we've had sushi. The photo to the left is the label of the incredible bottle of wine we had with our dinner. I know it seems strange to have French wine with Japanese food, but it worked. I also know it's strange for me to actually enjoy a bottle of French wine, but I did. Oh boy did I. Because we don't get really good French wine in California (and even if we did, who cares! We have amazing California wine to drink, so there's no reason to drink some stinky French wine) I'm not very well-versed on reading the labels of them. So I took a photo in hopes that someone will tell me which information is important for me to know in order to find more of this so I can buy it. This wine was really amazing. Upon finishing this bottle we asked for another, but we'd gotten the last bottle! So we were wavering between a Rioja or a South African Bordeaux blend. The Rioja was the safe choice so we went with the SA wine which, unfortunately, was the wrong decision. We ended up giving half the bottle to a bunch of younguns at the table next to us because we couldn't stand it. Luckily, Steve knocked over my glass while we were thumb wresting so I didn't have to finish it.

After sushi we headed over to Bond's which, if you're just tuning in or can't remember from last week's episode, is our favorite place to drink at in town. I discovered that I drank mojitos when we were there last Friday and don't even remember it. I just have to reiterate how much I love that bar. The people who work there know us by name and every time we go there, we meet new people. Last night Steve disappeared for a while and had gone and chatted up a couple and also a table of ladies and I was sitting in the corner talking to an older couple for an hour or so. At one point some kid walked by outside and punched a window and broke the glass and a bunch of customers inside ran after him. They didn't have to. It wasn't their bar or their responsibility to go after him. In any other place they'd have just gone back to their drinks and conversations and whatnot, but these guys went after the kid, while the doorman just stood there. Anyway, it was a fun night. As always.

Sooo, if you're perceptive you'll see I put a little countdown to California. Most people know about this, but I'll announce it anyway: I'm coming out for a visit August 24-September 3. I'll be in SLO Aug 28-30. I'm sooooooooo excited!! just over 3 weeks and I'll be home! I can't wait!

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